Quote Fee

Quote Fee of

  • Qualified Plumber Attendance to site
  • Check and Measure of works required
  • Time spent building the quote
  • And of course the quote itself

After Hours Callout

After Hours Callout

After Hours Callout

Customised For You! Call us to discuss getting on a recurring service plan.

Would you get into an airplane that missed its last two services? Would you let your daughter buy a used car that had never been serviced? No! So why do you live in a house that you don’t get serviced? Why wait till it breaks? TPS will perform a thorough check and provide recommendations to bring your house to be maximally optimal for clean and safe living. We can then set up automatic annual services, ensuring you get the most out of your plumbing and minimise sudden and expensive repairs. Enjoy the peace of mind, of knowing that your biggest asset is in tip-top shape!

  • Hot Water System Servicing.

  • Gutter Cleaning.

  • RPZ and TMV Servicing.

  • Flexi Hose Servicing.

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